REX Super Brain Control of Deep sleep, Peace of mind, Improvement of learning capability & Concentration became possible reality

10/25/2015 06:40
Conventional brain wave controllers for learning were inferior & ineffective ones for using only the light and sound to induce the brain wave indirectly.

They were mostly pretending to be working brain wave controllers.

Unlike those previous brain wave controllers, our brand new device is using the state of art technology for total control of brain waves & introduced on the Kickstarter.

Now, we have about 10 days to finalize the introduction on the Kickstarter.

The main one who would like the total control of deep sleep…

Busy folks who are always in the worries with anxiety disorder…

Those who need certainly to boost their learning capability with better concentration for preparing all kinds of tests…

You found the perfect solution is, finally!

Check the following site!

theKickstarter campaignor click here

From early days of 1990th, brain waves controllers for learning and concentration utilising the light & sound to induce the mind wave indirectly were introduced to the world.

However, the effectiveness of those devices were not significant, many customers were turning their back from it.

Our device, REX Super Brain is many different device from those inferior products that have been failing woefully to fulfill their sales pitch.

Our product is the state of art, brain wave controller for learning & concentration.

Super Brain controls the emission of terrestrial magnetism that will be harmless to human through the top band to a brain, and it sends out the magnetic signal to the to convert terrestrial magnetism into alpha, theta, delta and SRM waves to manage mental performance waves directly & effectively.

Unlike previous ineffective brain wave controllers for learning & concentration that used sound and light to induce the mind wave indirectly..

Super Brain chose the direct brain wave controlling technology by converting the terrestrial magnetism into alpha, theta, delta waves to regulate mental performance waves effectively &successfully!

Control of brain waves utilizing the magnetic fields has proved its effectiveness recently, many expensive medical equipment using high gauss magnetic fields with large electricity are introduced to cure the mental illness like depression, but a lot of them are out of health insurance coverage and it prevents the approach of patients who need those benefits.

Unlike such medical equipment using large electricity with high gauss magnetic fields, Super Brain only uses 1 battery of 1.5 volt.

Super Brain is not just a medical device, but it works amazingly!

It is designed with power saving concept with easy to carry, but it surely works excellently!

If you want deep sleep, all you have to is pressing the sleep button of REX Super Brain.

If you should be in stress with anxiety or nervousness, you should use the meditation button of Super Brain to have the peace of mind immediately.

If you should be a student or test preparation person for several types who needs real focus, all you have to to complete is pressing the educational button of Super Brain.

Super Brain is developed by the idea of Robert O Becker that will be the one which both human and animals significantly react to the magnetic fields.

If you use any buttons on the Super Brain, it instantly & safely converts your brain into delta (for sleep), high alpha (for studying), low alpha (for meditation).

If you want deep sleep or come in metal stress with anxiety or want to have better focus & concentration for studying,

Just visit our campaign on the Kickstarter!

theKickstarter campaignor click here

Our campaign has only 10 days on the Kickstarter to go.

If you order it by November 5th, 2015, you could have it by Christmas.

In the event that you order it now, we is going to do our best to make the highest quality device and deliver it by December 15th, 2015 and you may make the perfect gift to the one you like who has sleep problem, is in mental stress, need focus & concentration to enhance the studying capability.

If you get the unit this time, it includes 20 years of warranty and free shipping to worldwide.

Since REX Super Brain REX Super Brain is the unit lasts significantly more than 20 years, it will probably be the perfect Christmas gift if you present it to your loved ones who has sleep problem, is in mental stress, need focus & concentration to improve the studying capability.

Thank you very much!