The way to Produce Efficient Small business Leaflets along with Catalogs

09/11/2015 08:40
Using brochures and folded leaflets in sizes of A5, A4, A6, DL, A3 to attract potential customers and clients is a great marketing strategy. All things considered, it is essential to promote your services to people so that they know you exist and what you could possibly offer them. It can be important to utilize the right types of promotional material that suit the wants of your business. Leaflets are cheaper and easier to create and can be distributed in many ways, whereas brochures are essential for more in depth information and to impress clients when you have gained their attention. A good brochure acts as a reassurance to a possible client your company offers a professional service.

So, how will you produce your folded leaflets in sizes of A5, A4, A6, DL, A3 and brochures? Well, you obviously need to consider these:

Presentation and Content

Leaflet design will depend largely on your own market and your budget. If you're in short supply of funds, it is better to stay away from colour and instead stay glued to simple but eye-catching designs, like a bold headline followed closely by concise, well crafted text. Offering an incentive to your potential client, like a free consultation or gift when goods are purchased can attract attention.

When producing brochures, you will need to also consider your target market and how much you can afford to invest on design and printing and paper quality. Remember that it is necessary to add all relevant information such as for example prices, array of services offered, opening hours etc. You might also want to incorporate some background information regarding yourself and your company. Be sure that your contact details are clearly visible and don't think that presentation, such as photographs and layout, is more important than actual written content. Always make sure to proofread everything bit of text to test for errors. Once the leaflets and brochures are printed, it is too late.


Pictures, when used correctly, usually are far better than text alone. However, make certain that you use the right kind of images for your company. If are able it, professional photographers or illustrators can offer images for the brochures and leaflets, but do not discount Clip Art or your own photographs. If you are using photographs from directories on the folded leaflets in sizes of A5, A4, A6, DL, A3 web, ensure you read all of the terms and conditions regarding royalties etc.


Leaflets can be given out in person or posted through people's letter boxes or placed on notice boards. Brochures are often enclosed with a covering letter and act as extra information to your potential clients. Brochures may also be a good method of providing information to clients who've expressed interest in your business and may be passed out at trade fairs and conferences. However, because of the costs involved in producing brochures, it is best to save them for those who are thinking about your company's services or products rather than hand them out to as many people as possible.

Check your Competition

Considering folded leaflets in sizes of A5, A4, A6, DL, A3 and brochures produced by companies in your distinct business is an excellent way to obtain ideas as well as watch on your competition. Collect as much as possible to assist you produce your personal marketing material.